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Software Engineering - Web Development - Graphic Design - Social Media Management - Business Analytics - Digital Marketing

What is it?

Collabasys is a freelance micro-work marketplace that connects college students with companies looking to outsource non-core labor. We prove an opportunity for students to gain relevant work experience, earn supplemental income, and potentially leverage into full-time positions, while also helping companies clear out their backlog and access a specialized, vetted, and validated hiring pool.


Your first step towards work experience

Take on virtual micro-tasks from employees at your dream companies, grow your skills and cultivate your professional network.


Your solution to clearing your work backlog

Delegate your company's backlog of work to a highly skilled, pre-vetted pool of college students, saving time and resources in the hiring process

Show off your skills, Earn your network

Search and find microtasks that match your skills and interests. Showcase your skills by completing tasks and earn valuable experience while building your network with potential employers.

Track your Metrics. Set yourself Apart

Integrate all your work Experience

Whether you've worked part-time, completed internships, or volunteered, highlight your skills and demonstrate your value to potential employers and collaborators.

Use Collabasys to integrate your work history and show off your diverse skill set. With our platform, you can attract new opportunities and grow your network based on your past achievements.

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